Monday, April 7, 2014

Post Judging Update

Hello Everyone,

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered to make the 2014 NHC Austin 1st Round Judging such a success! You are the reason this was possible. A special thanks to our out-of-Austin volunteers! I, for one, highly value and admire your commitment. Thanks so much for coming and for all your great contributions!

I've had a number of queries about posting of results. The results will posted by the AHA on their website as soon as they have validated the scores from all the regions. Please note, you will NOT find results posted here, only on the AHA website.

If you entered beers in our region, I am furiously bust trying to get the summary report submitted to the AHA, claiming points for BJCP Judges and Stewards, and packaging up Scoresheets to be mailed to all entrants. I appreciate your patience... I hope to have everything mailed out this week.

Yours Aye!

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