Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Beers Are Rolling In!

I received a message from Forrest today saying that the entries were piling up at Austin Homebrew Supply. Indeed, they were. Dropped by to pick them up and they pretty much filling all the space in my Expedition. Piles of entries, all shapes and sizes of boxes along with some bottles that were just loose. With the entry deadline of March 17th rapidly approaching, it comes as little surprise there was a 'wave' of entries produced.

I took all the entries over to the judging center at Rogness Brewing and unloaded them into the cold room. So nice to have this facility. Rest assured, if you have entries that were shipped or dropped off they are happily 'chilling out' at present. I won't be a bit surprised to see another pile up before the end of the week. The weather is disrupting shipments all over the country so any of you that haven't shipped your entries in, I hope they make it in time. Of course, all entries will be checked for Postmark date, not arrival date so rest assured if you shipped it out in time you'll be okay.

Finally, here's a photo of the judging center next door to Rogness Brewing. It's empty now but I hope it is humming with volunteers for Sorting Day on Sunday, March 23rd. And, even more so with judges and stewards during the judging weekend of Friday through Sunday, March 28th through 30th. If you haven't registered or contacted me and are interested in volunteering for Sorting Day, or being a judge or steward, please review the schedule and information provided for doing so.

Yours Aye!

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